I do not have different levels or "plans" but I am proud to offer Military Discounts.


Each month is $125 and includes unlimited phone, text, and email with me for feedback and questions.

Military Prices: Retired $100; Active $75; Spouse of Deployed Service member FREE during length of deployment.  I believe that the Deployed Individual can better perform their duties if the Home Front is happy! A goal, such as a triathlon, can KEEP that home front spouse happy...thus the reason for these "scholarships" 

My theory of coaching is that the Heart Rate is the key to the program. It acts as a tachometer of sorts for the body. The Power Meter is additional information to consider when putting the monthly plans together, but not the primary indicator.


Swim workouts calculated to either 25 yard, 50 meter or Endless Pool.


Bike workouts calculated with Functional Power (if you have a power meter) and/or Heart Rate.  


Run workouts include track workouts and are Heart Rate based.


I explain the reasons I am giving you certain workouts and how each workout relates to the others. The workouts are prepared with the "big picture" in mind i.e. your goal race. We have smaller goals along the way to gauge improvements!


I can provide face to face evaluations for swim form, etc for an additional fee.

AbouT Coaching